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National Mechanics

About us

For over fifteen years, National Mechanics has stood as an enduring presence in the heart of Old City. Constructed in 1837 by the renowned architect William Strickland, our establishment occupies a historic building that has served as one of Philadelphia's beloved bars and restaurants. The timeless allure of National Mechanics reflects the essence of Old City itself – a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary functionality.

Steeped in history, our venue boasts a warm and antique-like ambiance that resonates with the spirit of bygone eras. The building, which survived two Gothic periods, is a testament to enduring design. Our décor pays homage to both mechanical and artistic elements, featuring homemade lighting fixtures and an eclectic array of furnishings that tell the story of a space shaped by the passage of time.

Originally known as Mechanics National Bank, our establishment's name honors the building's initial purpose. A captivating historical tidbit: owing to the building's construction predating the invention of the camera, the earliest photograph of the bank dates back to 1901. At National Mechanics, we invite you to step into a place where history and modernity converge, creating an atmosphere that celebrates the rich heritage of Old City.

For an in depth history of the building check out  www.mechanicsnationalbank.com.